Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ready, Steady, Go

Had fun this week with our little Inspector! He just loves his tucker and won't leave the kitchen when he hears the microwave ping! He reckons it's all about him (we think he's got that right)! This time he had a little problem with the left over pasta - must have taken him at least a minute to clean up his plate!

Still finds it a bit of a struggle to be patient! Here he is on a 'wait' command! Don't let those doggy eyes deceive you, though!

GO !

Yep! I reckon a minute did it - would have been quicker if I'd cut up the pasta!!

Our lovely Coral keeping her fingers busy! You can see that our weather is beginning to cool down - the girls are pulling out their winter scarfes!
Jenny's mum popped in to spend the day with us. She is an avid and talented knitter and quietly sits and enjoys her visits with us. Jenny would be in BIG trouble if 'Mum' was not brought along when up here on her family visitations!
Lyn is one of our Quiet Achievers! Whilst many of us embarked on 'Leanne's House' she was one of the group to complete it! Judy Davidson from Furball Farm Quilting dropped it in last week and although Lyn was not able to attend the group session that week, the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed displaying it! Hope you're feeling better, Lyn

Here's a close up of a couple of the blocks.

Margret O came in with her ironing! If I had realized I would have brought mine along!
A clever example of using black fabric, leaves and a spray bottle of bleach! After putting out in the sun to dry Margret appliqued leaves partially over the stenciled leaves and added the borders. What a great idea for a quilt!
Judy also dropped in one of my Phd's! As I had no idea what to do with these blocks, and the colours were pretty much in my face, I decided to join them with screaming pink and hand it over to be quilted. Another quilt ready to be bound and as you can see, Trixie must have thought it was OK as she settled down happily for her nap, much to our amusement!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Times of Change

When Frederica Josephson made her quilt some 150 years ago, she must have sat for hours and hours on end painstakingly cutting and measuring templates, and working in the sunlight as she meticulously sewed her pieces of fabric together into hexagons!! She would never in her wildest dreams have imagined that a quilt could be made in any other manner!

A Section of my version of the Quilt

I probably would not have embarked on this particular journey either, had I not realised the potential of printing the template designs onto fabric! With a husband who is computer literate (and inclined to embark on complicated reasons as to the why's and how's when asked for help) I quickly grasped the concept of using Inklingo as an accurate method of piecing without his assistance

Have taken a leaf out of Frederica's book and put in the occasional full hexagon block to add a little variety. The bird block is repeated a few times in the quilt as they are so pretty and in keeping with the prints of the 1800's

A couple of close up shots of some of the blocks

With thanks to the inventors of Panadol who understand that patch workers sometimes need a break and realised that paracetamol and a cup of tea gets them back on task in a jiffy! Poor old Frederica!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Frederica Josephson's Quilt aka Candied Hexagons

A little piece of my Candied Hexagon Quilt. Pieced using the Inklingo method - I am so totally hooked! Had to put it on the back burner for a while whilst I worked on my Grandmother's Diamonds, finished at last!

Frederica Mary Josephson was the wife of Emmanuel Josephson, the son of convict silversmith Jacob Josephson. She was born in 1833 and died in 1907. Her quilt, made c 1850 in Sydney, measured 94 x 102 inches!
(Information from my book Fabric of Society - Australia's Quilt Heritage from Convict Times to 1960 by Annette Gero)

Took clumps of it into the hall on Wednesday! Needed to put two tables together to fit the bits and pieces together.

I had it pinned onto a piece of batting which made it quite portable. Earlier I had hung the batting onto a rail to use as pin wall. In keeping with the era that Frederica made her quilt, I am using Reproduction fabrics and it's surprising how the bright ones marry in nicely with the somewhat dour prints - I had thought that some of the blocks would not really 'go' but find that they work quite well when put together and placed randomly!

Well Sandy! Were you a demo lady in a past life? These threads were on our wish list for a while and now Keepsake Quilting has an order and Sandy is thinking about asking them for a job! You do a good job, Sandy, and I'm sure Keepsake Quilting think so too!

Above: Just a little quilt that Margret whipped up recently. Think it was done on a weekend - the colours are actually much prettier than the photo shows!

My sister Catherine ventured up to the Coast for a bit of a break from the Melbourne weather! Another quilter, she is always a welcome guest to our group.

This is Catherine's hand pieced hexagon quilt - she is using half inch hexagon templates but is interested in learning more about using Inklingo. We just seem to run out of time when she visits - so much to see and do and talk about! The colours are beautiful - a lovely blue with happy bright orange stars tucked in around the first border.

Having quiet time at home! We never really just sit and do nothing and Cathy's quilt is very portable

Goodbyes can be very sad! Cathy was determined to take the Inspector home with her!!! She even had his bag packed ...er...him in her bag ...packed!

Did she really think that she could sneek him out in that!!! Actually, yes!!!!!

Eventually we prised him out of the bag before he disappeared into it completely!

The Inspector suffering the indignity of wearing pink!!! Well, what's wrong with that? He looked very cute but eventually grew tired of it and chewed the corners!