Friday, April 22, 2011

Ooooooh! Mays Birthday's in April!

We celebrated May's Birthday a little earlier this year as the lucky girl is soon heading to the UK for bit of a family catch up! Hope you remember to visit a few Patchwork shops on the way, May


This beautiful Quilt has just been completed by Sandy in time for her sisters birthday! The leaves were appliqued into the background and then quilted beautifully by Judy Davidson of Furball Farm Quilting

We are all looking forward to Lyn's return from her holiday in Paris. She won't be allowed to leave until she has told us all about her trip and of course the numerous shopping excursions she will have undertaken! I'd be very surprised if she doesn't have some blue and/or white fabric in her bag, too! See Lyn, we know you so well!

The Easter Bunny was very busy last Wednesday - and it was Annie's Birthday. Sadly, my camera was sitting at home on my desk, but perhaps some photos might turn up later

Enjoyed a weeks cruise to Vanuatu
This was a special "Unlock the Past' package, designed for genealogists to spend hours and hours of talking, learning and meeting with others of similar bent! Lot's of speakers on varying topics, although by the time it was finished I think a few of us were ready for a proper holiday! There were a few notable highlights - the taxi driver in Port Villa springs to mind

We enjoyed coffee at Port Villa in a lovely little coffee shop overlooking the harbour
Some of the local ladies put on a song and dance to welcome the ship and it's load of passengers Their dresses were colourful to the eye. Some of the other residents were standing around with their own cars, (they called them taxi's) and were ready to take people wherever they wanted to go. There didn't seem to be a fee structure, so it was a case of barter and take pot luck!

Our Taxi!!! The driver, 'Johnny' was innovative to say the least. The rusty old car (wreck) was tarted up with contact adhesive, possibly to make us feel more secure! I'm sure it helped to hold it all together! The front passenger door wouldn't close properly - flew open a couple of times, but it was the back seat that caused hysteria! Road rules seem to be invented along the way and as we had no seat belts (no need, assured Johnny) we flew over the numerous bumps (crevisses actually) and the back of the rear seat kept collapsing backwards.

I took the car photos for Norm - he just wouldn't believe my description otherwise!

Johnny took us to the Waterfall - turned out to be a tourist venture and once again none of us felt that we needed to pay the $20 per head to go in. Johnny was a bit upset - his brothers, uncles and cousins all seemed to be there, and they were all waiting for their percentage of the takings I think. His revenge was sweet, though, as he charged us $50 apiece for the tour! Probably worth it, I guess!!!

Who would believe it!!! Jenny - take a deep breath and relax. We found 'The Pink Shop'! Think it had material of some kind but we didn't go in

We were fascinated with the skill
of sand drawing. The artist drew a couple and as he did so he recited the cultural stories associated with them
We are into the third month of the year already! Who ever coined the phrase 'time flies' certainly hit the nail on the head! Or are we just getting a wee bit older....

Jenny brought in her Abstract Circles quilt to show us!

The pictures hardly do it justice, although I must confess I call it Jenny's Distracted Quilt - so many circles - it is beautiful, Jenny!

Here's another Quilt - Maureen's "Box in a Box"

Difficult to tell which are her favourite colours, but I guess it's safe to say that she likes mauve!

C'mon Annie! Are you there yet?

She's Back! Monika has finally arrived for her much anticipated holiday! She is 'Our Girl In Switzerland' and although now living back there permanently, is still very much a member of the group! A very skilled patchworker, Monika also has her own group at home and teaches classes there fortnightly!

A piece of Monika's Celtic appplique - Guess how many miles of bias is in that!!!

Lyn brought along this amazing quilt! She purposely went out and bought the ugliest piece of fabric that she could see - (what on earth were you thinking, Lyn)?

Then ..... she 'Magic'd this up!!!
Who would have thought that some thing so beautiful could be made from a single piece of fabric! We just love it, Lyn!

Our Judy is Queen of Applique. This is something that we just all accept. One moment she's cutting out tiny scraps of fabric - then with a swish and a shake she flings down another quilt!!!!!

The colours are always stunning and the result spectacular!

A Happy Snap of the girls enjoying the day!

Sometimes we have four legged visitors! Here's Jayne with her daughters little dog.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Queensland Floods, Cyclones and the Kindness of Quilters

Early in March I was introduced to some of the Noosa 'Wallace House' Quilters! They were getting another day underway and busily making up quilts for Charity. With the recent floods and Cyclone Yasi, many families have suffered great loss and devastation. The quilts put together by groups and individuals all over the country have been donated to families who have been in need of a quilting hug! It's the little things that mean so much and the thought that someone out there cares enough to want to make a difference can and does help cope with such enormous losses.

It's very encouraging and uplifting to see so many stitchers getting involved with helping those of us who at some time in our lives might need a little love - it can happen to any one of us!
I especially remember a day in Leeton (NSW ) following our evacuation after CycloneTracey! Crossing the road with four young children, they promptly had hysterics when it started to rain and the three screaming children ran through the traffic straight into a fabric shop - much to the astonishment of the two ladies in residence (and my horror). After calming the children, the kindly ladies gave my youngest daughter a huge, brightly coloured and beautifully made clown complete with vinyl boots- they had it on the counter to sell I believe - a gift to this day much loved! I'll never ever forget their gentleness to the children and the kindness shown to me, despite thinking we were crackers on arrival!!!

Donations of fabric make the Quilts possible. Time and Friendship makes them all happen!


Secret Friends have been busy again - little fingers sewing and cooking!


Wandering out onto the verandah with an early morning cup of coffee! Looks like a day to spend at home!

Guess Norm will have to find his own breakfast - these borders just HAVE to get put on and this was just the day for it!

Barney & I enjoyed a quiet morning
of therapy, whilst Norm hunted
around for his missing sock!

Took a few minutes to do the laundry -
I don't think Barney's in there ..............