Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Practising Inklingo hexagons

Starting to practice inklingo hexagons. Made these three last night.

Have an easy way of storing them flat :)

Lift up carpet
Insert blocks
Drop down carpet

Red Hat Day Out

No point in wasting time when quilts are waiting!

Snatching in a few minutes before I go off to the red Hat Luncheon.

Lyn's BIG DAY has arrived!!!!

Reduction time for Lyn

So excited to win the Easter Bonnet Parade! The poor man was taken by surprise!

Easter Bunny comes to Jayne's Place

Just for a change, the Skinnicinno Girls spent the day in Jayne's fabulous sewing room. There was plenty of space for the dozen of us as we stitched and chatted away.

Guess what we had for morning tea?

One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns!

Easter Bunny Business was next on the agenda! This was serious stuff as we contemplated the
the delights in store and of course, the effects of chocolate on our diminishing waistlines!
(The Hot Cross Buns didn't count because they are obligatory)

He must have hopped in when we were busily sewing!

I'm wondering whether my Easter Bunny brought me a rocklea road treat -

he did, he did!

Maureen was delighted with the decoration on her bag!

Ah Hah! I think there's another bunny in there, somewhere

Jayne was presented with this elegant compote of choccies!

We enjoyed another lovely patchwork Wednesday, the rainy day completely forgotten.

Thank you Jayne for inviting us to 'your place'. We all just love your sewing room and all of it's treasures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Brisbane Craft Show

The Brisbane Craft Fair has been and gone. Arriving promptly when the doors opened I was able to enjoy a quick cup of coffee as I looked in awe at the largest hexagon quilt displayed in part of its wonder displayed all around the eating area! It really is huge and with two thirds still in the pipeline it is massive and beautiful. Some of the Gatton ladies were industriously stitching away in the corner and kindly refused my offer of even more. I think they are probably a bit over it by now, but what an impressive achievement! Not having my camera with me, I was permitted to take a photo using mobile phone and will endeavour to add it to this page when I figure out how!

My much anticipated CD's were not waiting for me. Disappointing! I'm waiting for them to arrive in the mail. In the meanwhile I ponder over which UFO to work on this week

Arrived home ready to drop - a cup of tea and an early night did the trick!

Civil War Quilt As You Go Diamonds

It was an experiment before I discovered various jelly roll patterns, which would have made it much simpler. Now I have to decide whether to add borders or to just bind it and move on!

This 1850's UFO has recently been quilted and I'm now trying to track down some of the border fabric for binding!

It was quilted by Lizzie Trainor in keeping with the 1850's style

The flowers were hand appliqued

My French Braid Quilt was made last year with Anne Ferguson of Quiltopia in Maleny. I selected the fabrics from a range by Kaffe Fassett and for me, I moved outside the square!

This has to be one on the happiest quilts I've made - Sol, three years old, really loved this one and wandered around draped in it for ages, despite it being a hot Christmas Day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skinnicinno Day

Wednesday is a great day - our patchwork group get together day! We generally start the day with a coffee, and then it's headlong into the patchwork business! Morning tea features high on our agenda and today we enjoyed delicious birthday cake.

Today was Sandy's Birthday


It was a triple celebration for her as she not only enjoyed her birthday, she put the finishing stitches into her cross stitch table cloth and then Judy Davidson (Furball Quilting) arrived with her diamond quilt, trimmed up and ready for binding

May, Coral and Margret enjoyed the day - I made them huddle together and pretend that they are good friends - hee! hee!

Tomorrow we are car pooling and heading down to Brisbane for the Craft Fair. As usual, my list includes 'essentials' only - I'm certain to find a few! Next week will be show and tell as we check out our mutual purchases!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fabric Postcards Swap 2009

Some of the cards that I made to send to the girls in the swap. Thought an Australian flavour was appropriate and had a great time sorting through my ozzie stamp collections. I scanned them onto prepared printer fabric and then cut and appliqued them onto the backgrounds.

Ready for Candied Hexagon Block

Early start today - woke up thinking about how to make a striped hexagon block! lol
Have spent quite some time mulling over the Candied Hexagon Quilt and have decided that I am NOT going to buy fabric -I have enough stash here to stock a shop - or so husband says! Spent a good part of yesterday washing some fabrics despite the fact that as fast as they started to dry, the rain came along and made them wetter than ever! I gave in and used the dryer and now I have them folded and packed into a tub ready for the BIG ADVENTURE!!! Preparations are well under way - studied the handbook, bought the paper and printer, sorted the fabrics and am off to the Craft Show with the girls on Thursday to pick up the CD's!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

21 March 2010

Cyclone Ului crossed the Queensland coast earlier today! We are far enough away for it not to have much effect on us, although the seas have been quite heavy here on the Coast. Early reports suggest that it has dumped 450 mm (18 inches) of rain in the hinterland and still poking along as a category 2! These weather events bring back memories of Cyclone Tracey and the devastion we all experienced. It also reminds me of my very first quilt - a Grandmother's Garden. My neighbour and good friend, Lee, showed me how to make hundreds of templates which I diligently covered in groups of six and filed in long tupperware boxes with a yellow hex for the centre separating each group. I thought I was so clever, but as we all, know pride cometh........

For the next year I kept coming across almost unrecognisable bits and pieces of my hexagons, some unearthed as we dug around the mud and wreckage. Eventually, as we moved on, I started planning another quilt, although this time being rather short on fabric as we really had no where to shop! I used anything that was material - mostly discarded and old clothing and the little dresses that the girls had outgrown. I even used a piece of my others kitchen curtains - oblivious to aesthetics and colour combinations!

I really love this old quilt -put together whilst we were living in Jabiru, and without a clue as to how I should go about it! No batting, just a backing folded over at the edges and the top machined down! I look at and it brings back memories of my mother's kitchen, the little girls running around in their little printed dresses, our long absence from home and husband, rain, wind and of course, sunshine and happy days ahead. So long ago, but still so fresh in memory!

My very first quilt - Grandmothers Garden MK II

See my mothers kitchen curtains!

20 March 2010

Today is the first day of my blog! It's taken a bit of trial and error to get going, but I'm hoping that at last I'm on my way!

Let me introduce you to Tilly - our beautiful burman cat, who likes nothing better than doing nothing in particular, She's about 11 years old and until recently was a lifelong companion to TC, who sadly developed heart failure and went off to kitty kat heavan. You can see that Tilly has settled down to her single status and rules the house and her servants! She prefers to sit on the leather recliners, so this is an unusual shot of her actually on the floor!