Saturday, May 14, 2011

Times of Change

When Frederica Josephson made her quilt some 150 years ago, she must have sat for hours and hours on end painstakingly cutting and measuring templates, and working in the sunlight as she meticulously sewed her pieces of fabric together into hexagons!! She would never in her wildest dreams have imagined that a quilt could be made in any other manner!

A Section of my version of the Quilt

I probably would not have embarked on this particular journey either, had I not realised the potential of printing the template designs onto fabric! With a husband who is computer literate (and inclined to embark on complicated reasons as to the why's and how's when asked for help) I quickly grasped the concept of using Inklingo as an accurate method of piecing without his assistance

Have taken a leaf out of Frederica's book and put in the occasional full hexagon block to add a little variety. The bird block is repeated a few times in the quilt as they are so pretty and in keeping with the prints of the 1800's

A couple of close up shots of some of the blocks

With thanks to the inventors of Panadol who understand that patch workers sometimes need a break and realised that paracetamol and a cup of tea gets them back on task in a jiffy! Poor old Frederica!


  1. Looking fantastic, love the reds in there.


  2. Annie this is looking just gorgeous, I love the odd hexagon thrown in to all of that piecing, it really is a credit to your patience.