Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 April 2010

It has been a quiet week with the weather showing signs of cooler days ahead! Thank goodness! This morning I wandered out onto the verandah as daylight was beginning to show and caught this rainbow on my new Sony camera.

The camera is an early birthday present from MDH with a HUGE LSD screen and all sorts of nick nacks that I'll probably never use. Best of all, it is small and narrow and weighs next to nothing - and it comes in a bright pink zip bag that even I should find difficult to lose!

I've spent a few days mastering the Inklingo technique of printing onto fabric. Beginning to get the hang of it now but find that it still taking me quite a long time and much messing around. It's obvious that organisation is the key and I need to plan a bit before I just jump in ....

Another day spent with the girls! It was Dimitri's day to bring morning tea and as usual it was treat and a half! Although our patchwork is top of the agenda, I have suggested that we are becoming somewhat fixated on food and all agreed that we are becoming spoilt baggages!!!

Jayne taste checking morning tea! Go to it girls!

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