Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Practising Inklingo hexagons

Starting to practice inklingo hexagons. Made these three last night.

Have an easy way of storing them flat :)

Lift up carpet
Insert blocks
Drop down carpet


  1. Those blocks are really lovely - how many are you going to make? Thats one of the most novel ways of storage I have seen yet :) Now I REALLY need to get off this computer...

  2. Hi Annie,
    I just recieved my copy of American patchwork & quilting. Run do not walk to buy it. Turn to page 88, sit down and just go AHHHHHH!
    I inch side diamonds, 2" side Hexies. The name of this beauty is honeycomb stars.

  3. By-the-by, I am too old to get down on the floor. I have used mattresses for the same thing for years, just 20" higher. If grandma had sleeping quilts, no jumping on that bed.

  4. Hi Annie
    Love the Candied Hexagons. Check mine out on my blog. So different to yours!!
    I also do alot in Repro fabrics, but wanted to do something bright for a change. Mine are all self drawn, as I didn't know about Inklingo until 2 days ago. I am a little nervous to try it. maybe you give give me some tips:-))
    Sue from NZ