Monday, May 3, 2010

Maleny Craft and Quilt Fair

From our deck on the weekend

Spent a pleasant Sunday out and about in the hinterland. We had lunch at a little bakery in Maleny and then wandered down to the Quilt and Craft Fair. Husband declined invitation to come in - said he would wait and read his book! When I emerged I found him fast asleep as he had left his book at home!!


Caught up with Ann Fergusion of Quiltopia Designs and met her mum, Joyce. Couldn't avoid her really - she snagged the best spot in the hall - right at the entrance! I enjoyed getting my hands on some of her 'stuff' as she kept busy with other customers

Just loved this quilt - obligingly Joyce got roped in to take the photo as Ann and Annie enjoyed showing it off! I'm seriously contemplating making this one with Ann possibly later in the year. It's hexagon circles and I can just see it in some Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

So - with hubby napping in the car I made the most of my free time. It was nice to wander around without huge crowds and I spent some time admiring the quilts. Spent a few moments chatting with Margaret from Gympie Patchwork and then after one last wander and a cheerio to Ann & Joyce, headed back out to the car and home for a nice cuppa!


  1. Looks like you had a great time Annie - You certainly look happy :) I cant imagine a nicer place to have a craft fair.

  2. Was it a nice quilt display Annie?? I was busy doing my "work", and missed the exhibition. It looks like they had a large display of quilts. And count me in...I really love that quilt that Ann is possibly going to be doing. By that time I really will be working part time!! You look great. Must be all that quilting and piecing. Take care.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Annie. I haven't blogged about it yet... it was a fun weekend! Ann ♥