Monday, May 3, 2010

View from our verandah at sun up

I'm always surprised at the changing view from the deck overlooking the valley! On this particular day there had been a marked change in the weather, with cooler nights and beautiful crispy early mornings. The low cloud gives an impression of a lake but underneath are the old canefields, unplanted now with the demise of the Nambour Cane Mill.

It has been a quiet week for me with very little sewing done! Did get to the Wednesday patchwork group and was able to offload a tub of 1" hexagons that were surplus to my requirements! Part of my downsizing. Some of the girls have caught the hexagon bug with about four or five quilts in the pipeline! I must confess I was very happy to visualise their quilts with a little bit of me included and it gives me an opportunity to move along with my many other bits and pieces! My diamond hexagon quilt is patiently awaiting another burst of activity, and when the cream muslin arrives it will be full speed ahead to prepare and add the surrounding pieces. Well, perhaps not to much of the full speed ..........

Some of the hexagon diamonds ready to be joined. The table is not big enough to lay all of them out - in the process of negotiating with MDH for a design wall but it's a bit tricky with our downsizing plans!

Thursday was Mahjong Day! Held weekly at the groups' homes it is obvious that socialising is as important as the game itself! This week we were at Barbara's place on the river and I must confess it was difficult to pull up from the afternoon tea table and get back to the game. Food, company and view made for a relaxing interlude and the half hour break whizzed by!

It's always difficult to tear ourselves away from the game when afternoon tea time rolls around. Thank you Joan, I'll have just a small piece .....

Would you ever get tired of sitting on the deck with the river about two meters away?

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  1. On my....I would have just sat there, sipping the wine, maybe a bit of handpiecing. What a great view....I love the Coast !