Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 June - Ella's Pink Lady

Early Morning at Mooloolaba

It was a picture perfect weekend when we headed down to the Spit for our early morning walk on the first weekend of June. Although it was now officially winter, the sea was calm and the sky a deep blue.
We walked a few kilometers along the foreshore, sidestepping quite a few bush turkeys that were strutting out and about. Deciding not to return home for breakfast, we stopped off at the Surf Club for a hearty breakfast - not originally on our agenda but the tempting smell of bacon and sausages as we walked past proved too difficult to resist!

Realising that today was the homecoming of Ella's Pink Lady and her young Skipper, Jessica Watson, we decided to head up the coast a little towards Caloundra and find a shady spot and wait for the little flotilla to sail past. There were quite a few spectators and well wishes all along the beach as far as the eye could see, and even more closer to Mooloolaba.

The closer she sailed to Mooloolaba the larger the flotilla surrounding the little yacht. It must have been a thrill for Jessica to see the well wishers and I'm sure she would have heard to beach goers cheering her on as she sailed past!

Standing at the end of the Spit we were able to join the throngs of people, many dressed in pink and waving pink streamers, as they cheered and waved to Jessica and her little pink boat as she motored past us into the marina

The apartments at the rear of the photo seem to have an abundance of pink bed sheets draped over the veranda rails!!!

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