Sunday, June 20, 2010

The weather has become a bit unpredictable and on this day in early June we had plenty of rain during the night. I just the love these early morning vistas and the variety of effects the weather has on the views from our balcony

It was a coolish day and what better way to spend it than at home with a good book - NOT!!!
After procrastinating about the state of the cupboards I had no choice but to get stuck into the kitchen pantry after that dear man that lives here too decided that he would help!!!

I must admit that it is a thing of great beauty and worthy of inclusion in this weeks blog! Probable by next week the doors will be nailed shut because even a thing of beauty takes a bit of wear and tear!!

The fifth Wednesday of the month has rolled around again, and the girls decided that we were overdue for some retail therapy. Once again we piled into four cars and headed off for a delightful hour or so with Sandy at the 'Crafty Lady'!

Get into it, Girls!

Sandy was happy to be included in the photo, as she measured and cut and chatted away with us. We all enjoyed a delicious morning tea in the sewing room and then cleared out and off to Everton Park and then lunch at the tea rooms next door. On the way home we managed to squeeze in one more shop, before then arriving home a little the worse for wear and more than ready for that welcome cup of tea

The following weekend found me wandering around the Quilt and Craft Fair at Gympie. This time Norm had a newspaper to read in the car, so I didn't feel so guilty about leaving him out there! Saw a few familiar faces - Ann Ferguson from Quiltopia buried amongst a throng of eager ladies, Margaret from the Gympie Patchwork Factory, working away at a huge pin cushion, and Edna & Julie from Nimble Stitches here on Buderim.


Twice a year the Mahjong Ladies head out to lunch. This time we went up
the range and had a lovely meal at the Flaxton Gardens Restuarant

Come on girls! Looks like quite a lean on there. Are you sure it was water in that there bottle!!!!

The food was delicious -
I think that this was Barbara's dessert -
looks good enough to eat!!

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