Sunday, June 20, 2010

On our return from a day trip to Noosa and surrounds, we captured this view of the magnificent beaches that we are so fortunate to enjoy on any day that we choose. This view is from around Peregian Springs and not too far away from home!

More of the same beach - looking down from the cliffs!

Another Skinnicinno production!

The month of May has been and gone, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy little bees! Here we can see Sandy giving Lyn a helping hand to show the beautifully embroidered 'Girl on a Swing' quilt that has kept Lyn off the streets for the past few months. It will be a gift for her gorgeous granddaughter, Skye, who has recently relocated with her family from Canada to Paris.

A close up of one of the blocks - Skye will just love it!

We never quite know how we manage to fit everything into the day, but rest assured we are not just sitting around looking busy! Whilst our fingers might be busily stitching away as we work on our Phd's, our conversations are quite interesting and soooooooooo informative too (bet some of our husbands would just love to be a fly on the wall)!!

Generally referred to as 'the committee' if an issue arises, a discussion usually ensues and someone from within will provide some words of wisdom and may be a solution as well! We consider ourselves to be rather remarkable and just love to have an opinion on everything!!

This cheeky threesome are planning a kaleidoscope quilt.
Even moving them away from the main table didn't seem to slow the chatter


This month we celebrated another birthday - Well, it was the month of May so who better than to party! Our May of course! She was tickled pink when Jayne presented her with the presents from her secret friend!

Sadly, the excitement was too much for the camera, which went flat at the sight of the cake! Rest assured, the cake did not suffer the same fate, although there was a minimal amount left over at the end of the day!

The camera made a full recovery following a re-charge that evening

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