Saturday, February 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

Charles Dickens Village
Christmas 2010

Ssssssssssshhh! The Secret Friends have tip-toed in!

The Secret Friends have had a busy year and now we get to swap hugs and gifts and enjoy this special day! As usual, we were pretty blown away with the industry that has been quietly and happily hidden away during the year. Our little circle of friends have been together for a long while and it is tradition to pick a name from the envelope and immediately scheme and plan the next project for the coming year! We add some laughter with guessing who our 'friend' is, and not surprising, we often hit the mark first time!

Jacqui found the time to make this gorgeous bag and pin cushion - despite whipping up quilts for her newest grandaughter!

Coral reckons she's never seen one as big as that before!
It's a pin cushion, girls!

Jenny was delighted with her surprise - a white decoration with the obligatory touch of pink

Now Jayne - you don't have to share! Just let us have a little peek!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyn discovered that Dimitri was her Secret Friend - these appliqued place mats just kept on coming...........and coming ..................and coming!

Margret will always know how many days till Christmas!

Coral has been very busy in her spare time - the colours are lovely! They look great in Sandy's lounge room too!

We were blown away when Dimitri showed us her bag - Jayne - you are a soooooo clever!

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