Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Special Birthday Girl!
Our Lyn had a Very Special Birthday on October!

We took advantage of her holiday and pieced a blue and white quilt for her!

To make her day even more special, who should turn up but Jenny, our absent member who quietly returned from eighteen months 'down south' in Albury, N.S.W. I made her promise to keep mum and give all of us a great surprise! Welcome home, Jenny!

Margret brought in another Phd - it looked spectacular with the colours she had chosen - the savannah hues of gold and brown with black. Stunning!

My hand pieced hexagon quilt coming together at last! Using reproduction fabrics - (of course) - been working on it all year - on and off!

and then ............................................ along came 'the committee' and 'another coloured border please! And just when I thought I was nearly there!!! To my shame I had to go around and take back some of the 'left-over' (not) hexagons previously given away (with relief) and carry on! Will it ever end?
close up view of fabrics


  1. This hexi quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I have not jumped on the hexi bandwagon yet, but this is the most compelling example of why I should. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Ronda in SW Washington State

  2. Simply gorgeous. What size hexagons are you using.. and are you using the EPP method or some other?? I have a GFG going now, but this is so appealing.. Cathy in TN

  3. This is a lovely quilt, I see a future for all the Civil War pinks and browns that I have..