Friday, April 22, 2011


Enjoyed a weeks cruise to Vanuatu
This was a special "Unlock the Past' package, designed for genealogists to spend hours and hours of talking, learning and meeting with others of similar bent! Lot's of speakers on varying topics, although by the time it was finished I think a few of us were ready for a proper holiday! There were a few notable highlights - the taxi driver in Port Villa springs to mind

We enjoyed coffee at Port Villa in a lovely little coffee shop overlooking the harbour
Some of the local ladies put on a song and dance to welcome the ship and it's load of passengers Their dresses were colourful to the eye. Some of the other residents were standing around with their own cars, (they called them taxi's) and were ready to take people wherever they wanted to go. There didn't seem to be a fee structure, so it was a case of barter and take pot luck!

Our Taxi!!! The driver, 'Johnny' was innovative to say the least. The rusty old car (wreck) was tarted up with contact adhesive, possibly to make us feel more secure! I'm sure it helped to hold it all together! The front passenger door wouldn't close properly - flew open a couple of times, but it was the back seat that caused hysteria! Road rules seem to be invented along the way and as we had no seat belts (no need, assured Johnny) we flew over the numerous bumps (crevisses actually) and the back of the rear seat kept collapsing backwards.

I took the car photos for Norm - he just wouldn't believe my description otherwise!

Johnny took us to the Waterfall - turned out to be a tourist venture and once again none of us felt that we needed to pay the $20 per head to go in. Johnny was a bit upset - his brothers, uncles and cousins all seemed to be there, and they were all waiting for their percentage of the takings I think. His revenge was sweet, though, as he charged us $50 apiece for the tour! Probably worth it, I guess!!!

Who would believe it!!! Jenny - take a deep breath and relax. We found 'The Pink Shop'! Think it had material of some kind but we didn't go in

We were fascinated with the skill
of sand drawing. The artist drew a couple and as he did so he recited the cultural stories associated with them

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