Friday, April 22, 2011

We are into the third month of the year already! Who ever coined the phrase 'time flies' certainly hit the nail on the head! Or are we just getting a wee bit older....

Jenny brought in her Abstract Circles quilt to show us!

The pictures hardly do it justice, although I must confess I call it Jenny's Distracted Quilt - so many circles - it is beautiful, Jenny!

Here's another Quilt - Maureen's "Box in a Box"

Difficult to tell which are her favourite colours, but I guess it's safe to say that she likes mauve!

C'mon Annie! Are you there yet?

She's Back! Monika has finally arrived for her much anticipated holiday! She is 'Our Girl In Switzerland' and although now living back there permanently, is still very much a member of the group! A very skilled patchworker, Monika also has her own group at home and teaches classes there fortnightly!

A piece of Monika's Celtic appplique - Guess how many miles of bias is in that!!!

Lyn brought along this amazing quilt! She purposely went out and bought the ugliest piece of fabric that she could see - (what on earth were you thinking, Lyn)?

Then ..... she 'Magic'd this up!!!
Who would have thought that some thing so beautiful could be made from a single piece of fabric! We just love it, Lyn!

Our Judy is Queen of Applique. This is something that we just all accept. One moment she's cutting out tiny scraps of fabric - then with a swish and a shake she flings down another quilt!!!!!

The colours are always stunning and the result spectacular!

A Happy Snap of the girls enjoying the day!

Sometimes we have four legged visitors! Here's Jayne with her daughters little dog.

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  1. Gosh Annie, you girls have been very productive! Judy's applique quilt is just amazing. Hope to catch up with you all soon.