Friday, April 22, 2011

Ooooooh! Mays Birthday's in April!

We celebrated May's Birthday a little earlier this year as the lucky girl is soon heading to the UK for bit of a family catch up! Hope you remember to visit a few Patchwork shops on the way, May


This beautiful Quilt has just been completed by Sandy in time for her sisters birthday! The leaves were appliqued into the background and then quilted beautifully by Judy Davidson of Furball Farm Quilting

We are all looking forward to Lyn's return from her holiday in Paris. She won't be allowed to leave until she has told us all about her trip and of course the numerous shopping excursions she will have undertaken! I'd be very surprised if she doesn't have some blue and/or white fabric in her bag, too! See Lyn, we know you so well!

The Easter Bunny was very busy last Wednesday - and it was Annie's Birthday. Sadly, my camera was sitting at home on my desk, but perhaps some photos might turn up later

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